Your Currency Is Worthless!

Do you know why that dollar bill in your pocket is worth anything? Because the US Government says so! That’s it.

So what happens if something catastrophic happens, and the dollar becomes worthless. What if the China decides that the US needs to pay them back? What if the markets crash? What if the US government decides to declare martial law? These are all terrible things that hopefully never happen, but they are also very REAL possibilities.

There is one sure fire way to protect your financial assets, and it’s not putting your money in a savings account or stashing it in a mattress!

GoldIt’s gold… Gold has always been valuable, and it always will. To everyone… period. Gold has intrinsic value because it is a rare metal that exists only in limited quantities.

You can’t print more gold. What we have is what we’ve got. That’s it. All the gold that exists in this world is here now, and more isn’t going to just magically pop into existence.

Because of the intrinsic value of gold, it is, has been, and always will be accepted by anyone as a legitimate form of currency.

Well almost anyone…

Don’t be like the people in the above video! Understandingthe value of gold is very important for your own financial security.

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Be Prepared With Your Emergency Action Checklist For Preppers

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Preppers Checklist


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